Quick Explorer - Introduction

It is a handy file manager application.
File management on iPhone / iPad, wifi network and cloud storages (iCloud Drive, Google Drive ..etc)

  • Local File Management:
    File operations on iPhone / iPad (internal storage)
  • Remote File Management:
    File operations on wifi network (smb / cifs protocol compliant, SMB2,SMB3 supported)
  • Cloud Storages Management:
    File operations on cloud storage (Google Drive, iCloud drive … etc.)
  • Main function
    ・Automatically discover network hosts
    ・File browsing with related applications
    ・Batch operation of files/folders (copy / move / delete)
    ・Sort files by name, date, size …etc
    ・List and grid view
    ・Search files by file name
    ・Zip and unzip files
    ・Install / uninstall applications
    ・File sharing with Local app / Email / Socials …etc
    ・Open and sharing remote files directly
    ・File transfer via AirDrop(Bluetooth)
    ・Theme setting