Quick Player - Introduction

It is a simple and stylish music player app.
You can play music / video files in various formats in any way you like.

Main function
・Stylish music / video player
・Shuffle playback, repeat playback (no repeat, single song repeat, all song repeat)
・Play from any position by progress bar
・Play specified file, list playback under specified folder
・Playback operation from the mini player in the notification at the back end
・Playback operation from the headset
・Play operation by swipe gesture
・Choose songs and create various playlists
・Built-in playlist (favorites, last played, last added, frequently listened songs)
・Reading media tag information (ID3, MP4, FLAC)
・Writing ID3 tag to music files
・Music recognition by fingerprint
・Automatically create a music database by recursively scanning all files under the root folder
・Analyze music information and sort by artist, album, genre
・Management of music database (change, add, delete)
・Automatically obtain artwork related to artists and albums from the Internet
・Local & remote file management (on your iphone/ipad, via Wifi network, cloud storages)
・Music / video playback and file import wifi networks (Supports SMB2 & SMB3 protocol)
・Music / video playback and file import iCloud Drive
・Music / video playback and file import via Google Drive
・File sharing with Local app / Email / Socials …etc.
・Design theme setting
・Supported format (m4a / wav / 3gp / aac / flac / mp3 / mp4 / mov / m4v / webm / mkv)