Quick Recorder - Introduction

It is a handy voice recorder.
You can record quickly anytime, anywhere you need.
Meeting, conference, class, lecture, conversation, memorandum, idea, voice training …etc.
It is easy to classify according to purpose and scene, and you can record it.

Main functions
・ One touch recording
・ Automatic recording start setting
・ Audio player (play position specification)
・ Supported audio file format (m4a / wav / 3gp / aac / flac / mp3)
・ Microphone volume adjustment
・ Decibel meter
・ Folders management (category classification)
・ Batch operation of files / folders (copy / move / delete / zip compression)
・ Local & remote file management (on your iphone/ipad, via Wifi network, cloud storages)
・ Recording and playback via wifi networks (Supports SMB2 & SMB3 protocol)
・ Recording and playback via iCloud Drive
・ Recording and playback via Google Drive
・ Root folders management (change, add, delete)
・ Zip and unzip files
・ File sharing by application / mail / socials
・ Design theme setting